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Sorting out Socials: The Truth about Organic Social Media Strategy

February 01, 2024

Connie Sishton


Algorithms…trends…updates…oh my! Connie here, let’s talk honestly about organic social media strategy.

Connie, our co-founder sitting at a desk.

I’ve decided it’s time to talk about social media…I know, so original, right? Don’t worry, I’m not here to share an algorithm elixir or a cheat sheet to trends - in fact, basically, the opposite. I’m writing this because in every enquiry and business interaction we have around this area of marketing, I see the same things over and over:

“We can’t agree on the right approach, so we’ve done nothing”

“We’re doing what [insert competitor here] is doing, why doesn’t it work?”

“Do I really have to dance to get my point across?”


“It’s failed every other time, I really don’t have the energy or resources to go through this again!”

Sounding familiar?

If you’re here, I can only imagine you’re experiencing these very same struggles. And, call me a naive and hopeful fool, but I think we can shake these feelings for 2024. Below, I share the truth about why you’re struggling to mesh with organic social media strategies, and a 3 step approach to reset, and get on the right track. Is it elaborate? No. This is your opportunity to tidy things up, reconnect, focus and build some really strong foundations that you can develop over time.

So, without further ado, here’s the truth you need to know about organic social media strategies.

Molly and Connie sat at a desk talking.

The truth about organic social media for businesses

Okay, you’re here for the truth, so I’m going to give it to you. But quick disclaimer, you may not like it.

Let’s bullet-point this thing…

  • Going viral doesn’t = success.

  • Chasing trends won’t sell your product/services.

  • Copying your competitors is a waste of time.

  • Vanity metrics aren’t the same as success metrics.

  • Business accounts are not as popular as personal brands.

  • Organic growth doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years.

  • Organic socials aren’t for selling.

These may go directly against what a self-proclaimed social media guru prophesised in their latest pay-walled PDF, but it is the truth.

Now, while these may feel disheartening, it’s important to note that none of those bullets say “organic social media strategies are a waste of time”.

What they do highlight, is a need for a shift in perspective. Let me explain…

Social media is a breeding ground for FOMO. It’s one of the many things that make it so bloody addictive.

With every page refresh, shiny new content appears showing a different way to be seen on the platform. So, it’s only natural to feel tempted to stray from your plan. But what you need to remember, is that your content lineup is likely completely different to your colleagues - because it’s been built off your personal preferences.

This is why lots of businesses trip up.

It’s why you’re experiencing those feelings I listed earlier. You’re not aligned, because you have different perceptions of success on social media.

So, how can you fix it? Here’s what I recommend.

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3 steps to build an organic social media strategy

Whenever we start with a business that’s in a social media rut, I find it’s always best to take things back to basics.

1. Your goals

You need to outline what exactly you’re trying to accomplish from your organic social media activity.

So, what are your goals? Wait, let me guess…”SALES!”?

No, stop. Back up, and slow down. That’s the end game, but what are your goals before that? What is it about your social media marketing that will drive that bottom line that all businesses have? Whether you want to…

  • Raise awareness

  • Showcase skills

  • Educate

  • Inspire

  • Build trust

  • Be relatable

Pick 3-5 things that you really want to shine on your channels. Don’t worry, metrics come later.

2. Your audience

It’s all well and good knowing what you want from your social media, but the really important thing is understanding what your audience wants.

Assuming you’ve already done the work on your target audience and their behaviours (if not, we’ll talk about that soon!), you’ll need to build on this, to understand what exactly they would want from your social media posts, and where they’re even looking.

What platforms are they most likely to be on? What kind of business content performs best here?

Now, take those goals that you outlined in step 1, and list the types of activity your audience would likely engage with. What you’ve got here, are content pillars!

For the next 6 months, your posts should fall within one of these pillars you’ve set. By doing this you’ve got:

  • Clear focus for your content

  • Boundaries for your team

  • Enhanced performance metrics

3. Your resources

So, you know your content goals, and you’ve linked them to your audience’s desires - but how are you going to actually do it? It all boils down to resources.

Remember, organic content is a long game, so consistency is key. You need to create a posting plan that you can commit to, otherwise, it’s just another waste of time. You need to decide on:

  • Platform focus

What platform is your priority? Start with that, nail it, then start introducing more.

  • Post frequency

How many posts can you realistically commit to per week? Don’t forget the approval process!

  • Engagement commitments

Who will handle the engagement - think dms, replies, etc?

  • Performance monitoring

What are your performance metrics? Set tangible quarterly targets, monitor performance monthly to optimise posts.

I’m not saying this is the ultimate social media strategy that will transform your whole business. This is the strategy that will help you build the foundations you need to grow success sustainably on social media. Start simple, and nail it. From there, you’ll have the ability to build and evolve your processes with more elaborate strategies.

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