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Vortex, a pioneering IoT company specializing in global decarbonisation, needed to translate their complex scientific processes into clear, benefit-led messaging.

The Goal

Vortex, a pioneering IoT company specialising in global decarbonisation, needed to translate their complex scientific processes into clear, benefit-led messaging. They offer innovative environmental sensors that provide critical visibility and actionable data to reduce pollution, a concept that, while important, can be challenging to communicate effectively.

Demystify complex science

Vortex aimed to simplify their intricate scientific terminology into accessible, easy-to-understand language.

Emphasise benefits

They desired to create copy centred on the tangible benefits that their sensors provide to local authorities and businesses in achieving their net zero goals.

Boost website copy

They intended to increase their website traffic by optimising content with strategic keywords.

What we did

We held a content fact-find session with the stakeholders to help us define their positioning and draw out the key benefits of their sensors. We also ensured we had all keyword information before crafting compelling website copy that drives traffic and improves user experience. 


We carried out fact-find sessions with senior team to get to grips with its positioning and expertise. This process helped us develop clear and distinct benefit led guidelines for the copy. 

Keyword research

We conducted extensive SEO research to discover high-performing keywords relevant to Vortex's offerings. This helped us identify opportunities to increase website traffic by over 100,000, annually. 

Website copy

Building on these insights, we developed compelling, benefit-focused SEO copy. This highlighted how Vortex's sensors can help businesses and local authorities meet their net-zero objectives.

The results

We are pleased to say that the project outcome was:

  • Exceptional, on brand website copy 

Case Study

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Increase in organic traffic

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I was blown away by Re-Imagine's skills at delivering complex projects from iteration to completion while consistently delivering an engaging message. Molly & Connie work hard with marketing leaders to find the true voice of a company and is an extremely capable extension of a company's content arm. I was really impressed with the Re-Imagine team's ability to work with me to strip down the tech features and orientate our messaging around value creation.
Cameron Kent - Marketing Manager