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Llanerch Vineyard

Llanerch Vineyard wanted website copy to drive wedding bookings.

The Goal

Llanerch Vineyard, a premier wedding venue nestled in the scenic beauty of South Wales, sought to elevate their online presence. They wanted to optimise their website copy and promotional materials to encapsulate their unique offerings and drive wedding bookings.

Highlight venue selling points

Llanerch Vineyard needed to articulate their unique services and selling points through compelling website copy and promotional materials.

Standout against the competition

They aimed to differentiate their venue from competitors, promoting the unique experiences that make Llanerch Vineyard an unforgettable wedding destination.

Increase wedding bookings

They wanted to inspire potential couples to envision their dream day at the vineyard and encourage them to make a booking.

What we did

Copy workshop

We began by conducting a workshop with the Llanerch Vineyard team, identifying the distinct services and selling points they wished to highlight. This helped us understand the vineyard's unique offerings and the aspects of the brand that needed to be emphasised.

Competitor analysis

We carried out a comprehensive competitor analysis to determine the areas where Llanerch Vineyard could stand out. This investigation provided valuable insights into how to position the vineyard as a unique, must-book wedding venue.

Website copy

Using the insights gathered, we crafted website copy that guided potential couples through their envisioned wedding day at Llanerch Vineyard. We translated the venue's unique selling points and services into compelling narratives, bringing to life the magic of a Llanerch Vineyard wedding. Additionally, we created promotional materials echoing these narratives, further reinforcing the vineyard's unique appeal.

The results

The reimagined website copy and promotional materials transformed Llanerch Vineyard's digital presence. The reimagined website copy and promotional materials transformed Llanerch Vineyard's digital presence.

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