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How to increase sales with psychographics?

June 08, 2022

Molly Sishton


So, what are Psychographic Surveys?

Basically, Psychographic information is a collection of questions that are designed to accumulate the activities, interests and opinions (AIO) of your target market. This information is then analysed and used as the basis for campaigns.

How do Psychographic Surveys work?

The aim of Psychographics is to gain an understanding of what motivates your customers and how they behave. When used correctly, this brilliant tool will provide valuable insight into how your customers think, thus allowing you to tailor your products/services to their needs. From this information, we can build a deeper understanding of your audience and develop targeted customer profiles. This information plays a huge role in planning promotions, as with this valuable knowledge, we can create quality custom content that appeals directly to your intended audience.

How do I choose Survey Questions?

Below we have listed some example survey questions that would be used to collect the Psychographics for a coffee shop.

1) How often to you visit Coffee Shops?
Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Less than once a month

2) The fact that a coffee shop only served locally sourced food and fair-trade tea/coffee would influence my decision to pop by:

Greatly | Slightly | It wouldn’t

3) What are the most important qualities to you when choosing a coffee shop to visit?

These are a few examples of psychographic survey questions. Open ended questions, such as number 3 are useful, as they will provide answers from the audience that are not limited to the multiple-choice options provided in closed-ended questions.

However, these answers can trickier to collect and organise. So, when drawing up potential questions for your survey, we recommend avoiding questions, for instance, 

“why do you frequent coffee shops?” to discourage vague answers such as “because I like coffee”.

Instead, by asking about what qualities of coffee shops are vital to them as seen in example 3, you invite more helpful, clear answers.

Closed ended questions, such as examples 1 and 2, allow you to view the preferences from the list provided and collate the information with ease. Our advice with closed-ended questions is to be sure and include as many potential answers as possible, to collect the most accurate data.

How can I apply this data?

Well, that’s where we come in. At Re-Imagine, we will carefully analyse this data, conduct thorough competitor research, collect demographic information and also consider your personal preferences to create Buyer Personas. From this, we will develop the perfect content plan for your business. By incorporating Psychographics into your marketing strategy, your business will have the potential to flourish and transform. Your audience will be specifically targeted with content that is proven to spark their interest, and in turn, your business’s online presence!

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